Brag Book #2 | Double Hoop Niobium Earrings

I have been accused of making "too many earrings" compared to other forms of jewelry. Nevertheless, they continue to fascinate me. I love working with beads, but I become really thrilled when I can create something that's entirely wire, and is satisfying and complete in and of itself. 
These terrific earrings are simply a loop suspended inside a larger loop, but the movement and the effect of the light against the metal is quite fun. I have anodized these in a very short spectrum - it is dark to light pink, with just a hint of gold. It is the kind of color that is there for the observer to discover.  I find that this "color discovery" is really at the heart of what is fun about wearing jewelry, whether, it is an opal, a faceted crystal, or anodized niobium.
This pair of earrings is 2.25 inches long (6 cm), and are still available in my shop. And by the way, if you want me to make you these earrings in a different color, I can do that.
I love niobium as a mediu…

Naturally Ad-Free

Sometimes it's not what is there that makes something really worthwhile. Sometimes the thing you appreciate most is what's not there. It may not be something you notice a lot as you're browsing my sites -- in fact I hope it is not -- but the fact there are no ads on my site is something that I'm especially proud of, and it has not happened by accident.

Like many small sellers, I have gotten offers to splash ads on my blog and my website in the interests of making some small fee associated with this. Honestly, I'm not interested.  I have purposely avoided choosing online site venues that splash ads across everything, and it was a primary factor in my decision to leave ArtFire, after being a happy customer there for a few years already.

I have a little mantra which I use to try to set my brain straight when making choices, and which I do wish other sellers would use more frequently. My mantra is this: "Will it annoy the customer?" Because, you see, I have b…

Coming Out In Color

I've always loved leather styles, earthy brown and olive green, rough hewn looks. I'm, you know, kind of a hippie chic. And while I still think these styles are great, I've been thinking ...

For a very long time -- after I had learned that my rash was caused by nickel, but before I learned what actually contains nickel and how to avoid it -- the only thing I had really learned was to avoid all metal. That meant that I chose leather and cloth jewelry when I had a chance, and avoided earrings entirely. I cultivated an appreciation of earthy looks, and a severe distrust of anything that was metal, especially silver.

I wonder if this rings true for anyone else out there. I lived by rules that told me to be frightened, and expect pain from anything that was shiny (basically) and my love for an earthier look was really my safety zone - for a while. I had frankly, grown comfortable knowing that most of the jewelry choices out there are simply off limits. And while it's all f…

After The Party's Over

The Christmas tree stands strangely ignored, guests have come and gone, we still feel a little stuffed with shared meals, chocolate, and cookies. The gifts that were exchanged are starting to go into use - so take a minute and consider whether any of those things might contain nickel, and what you can do about it.

New cell phones and other electronics seem to come around during the holidays, as regularly as Gingerbread cookies.  So if you have a new electronic gadget, take time to get a good case for it. The metal on the casing certainly contains nickel, and you don't need it on your hands or close to your face.  Standard phone cases (the type you buy separately) made of plastic or leather should be fine. At least the current phones and tablets don't have metal buttons - but if you're still toting one of those older models around, consider how your face rubs against the nickel-plated keys as you talk. I won't "tell" you to upgrade, but avoiding those buttons …

Brag Book #1 | Beaded Horseshoe Link Bracelet

I just have to show you this niobium bracelet. I love horseshoe links because they just have so much body and gives the bracelet a real personality, but when I put beads along the edges of this chain, it really came to life. Because of the size of the beads compared to the overall size of the links, I couldn't quite get a bead on every single edge (of the wire) but I think I came up with something even better than I had planned. By putting a bead on alternating sides, I was able to get an "stepping stone" look which still flows easily and really speaks to me. How many are there? One. Cuz that's the way I roll. This bracelet is 7-3/4 inches long (19.5 cm). Interested? Click here. 

Note: I'm going to start giving you some more product close-ups and personal perspectives labeled as my "Brag Book" so keep an eye out for more posts like this! -Donna

The Wrath of the Fashionistas

I hope you don't mind, but I trust you to dress yourself. I recently read an actual "corporate fashionista" article that tells you everything you should know about complementing your skin tone and what shapes to wear to what events, and do you know? (I thought to myself) I don't do that.

I don't do it to myself, and I don't do it to you. It's a small thing, but even if I felt that I was well-versed in face shapes, and color families, I have a hunch you've been dressing yourself for a good long time now. I mean, I imagine you have many talents in your life that have gotten you to where you are today. I think you are highly qualified to choose your own clothes and make-up in the morning, not to mention your jewelry.

I find that this angle on fashion (directed almost exclusively at women) is focused to make us feel like there are somehow "experts" out there who know our tastes and our bodies better than we do. These "experts" have the…

Flat Rate Shipping at Naturally Nickel Free

Surprises are all fine and good in their place, but nobody likes surprises when they're shopping online.
That's why I'm implementing Flat Rate Shipping at Naturally Nickel Free, on jewelry orders anywhere in the United States. It's just a little something I can do, that I think will make things easier for you. Now it doesn't matter if you want to tack on one more item to your order - you still pay the same low shipping charge.

I send all of my orders from Sunny Des Moines, Iowa via USPS First Class unless you request priority shipping. (Okay, it's cold and windy Des Moines today, but you get the idea.) This rate also applies to U.S. territories and APO/FPO addresses. I always welcome international orders as well, though sadly, this rate cannot apply outside of the U.S, and I have had to make adjustments to keep up with the demands of the post office people. You may expect more of your leisure reading material, but if you would like keep up to date about shippin…