Welcome to Naturally Nickel Free

Onyx and Niobium
"Starry Night" Earrings
I have created Naturally Nickel Free with two ideas in mind. One is to create beautiful jewelry that is of course, nickel-free. The other is to help you understand a little bit more about your own allergy, if you have one, or the allergy of someone who is important to you.

You should understand that I am not really an "expert" in the way experts are supposed to be. I am just someone with an allergy who has read a bunch of stuff. At some point I had read so much stuff for so long, that I really thought someone else might appreciate knowing what I know. Feel free to do your own research, question me, and otherwise think for yourself. If this is a starting point for some information about a rather common but bothersome problem, I will be pleased and proud to be a part of your journey. 


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