Metals - What Can I Wear?

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As tempting as it is to try to avoid metal altogether, it's not as easy as it sounds. I have been a little long-winded, I think, about what you can't wear - time to talk about what you CAN wear. 

Can you imagine a more perfect metal? Titanium is lightweight, it's strong, and it doesn't react. At all. It's strength means it doesn't need to be alloyed with another metal. The fact that it doesn't react means that not only does it not cause allergies, it doesn't rust or tarnish. It can be anodized to be a rainbow of beautiful colors without dyes, plating or enameling. It is the preferred metal for surgical implants. 

Niobium, practically as non-reactive as Titanium. It bends much like Sterling Silver, making it very desirable for metal working. It too can be anodized, and has a slightly shinier sheen than Titanium. It too, is lightweight, doesn't tarnish, and is not alloyed with any other metal. Niobium is just Niobium. No alloys, no hidden components. It has become my favorite metal to work with since it is so easy to shape, yet still firm and reliable. 

Both of these metals are trusted by doctors for metal implants. These are the metals you will see me use over and over again, especially in earrings. If it goes through your skin, you just can't do better than these. Even if you can't wear anything else, these are the metals you can wear. 


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