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Surgical Stainless Steel

Here's another metal that just adds more confusion to the mix: Surgical Stainless Steel.

Some people with nickel allergies can wear surgical stainless steel successfully EVEN THOUGH it actually contains 8-12% nickel. Some people with nickel allergies cannot wear it all. The reason that some people can still wear it is because of the tight chemical bond that the nickel has with with steel. Because of this tight bond, it is not supposed to leech out into the skin, and for a number of people this is enough. If you can wear surgical stainless steel, it can be an economical option to wear, and it is commonly available. You should still make sure is it clearly labeled "Surgical Stainless Steel," not just "Stainless Steel." As with all things, there are higher and lower qualities available. I find that for myself, I can wear it, though I can't guarantee it for my customers, so I don't use it in the jewelry I make.

There are various pieces of jewelry on your d…

Cell Phone Allergy

Have you ever heard of a cell phone allergy?

Almost everyone uses a cell phone these days. The age of use is getting younger, and the amount people depend on them is only going up.

Guess what? A new problem emerges: so-called "cell phone allergy." I saw something about this on a local news broadcast a while back, and thought I'd better look it up. And what do you know? Our old friend Nickel is responsible.

The solution? Well I guess you can use a cell phone less, or at least use a headset so the metal parts of the phone don't touch your face. This may even be bad news for manic texters: cell phones can cause a rash on your fingers if you're texting that much. (Or maybe you could take up knitting?)

Here's the good news: this mainstream "discovery" of nickel allergies may cause people and companies to talk about the rash that much more. When people talk about a problem they have in common, they can exert pressure to ask the company to make changes. I…