Cell Phone Allergy

Have you ever heard of a cell phone allergy?

Almost everyone uses a cell phone these days. The age of use is getting younger, and the amount people depend on them is only going up.

Guess what? A new problem emerges: so-called "cell phone allergy." I saw something about this on a local news broadcast a while back, and thought I'd better look it up. And what do you know? Our old friend Nickel is responsible.

The solution? Well I guess you can use a cell phone less, or at least use a headset so the metal parts of the phone don't touch your face. This may even be bad news for manic texters: cell phones can cause a rash on your fingers if you're texting that much. (Or maybe you could take up knitting?)

Here's the good news: this mainstream "discovery" of nickel allergies may cause people and companies to talk about the rash that much more. When people talk about a problem they have in common, they can exert pressure to ask the company to make changes. If you have a problem, don't forget to let your company know, so they might start to use nickel-free materials for you and others in the future.

Here is a good article with more information:
"Cell phone use may trigger allergy"


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