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Other Allergies

As much as I want to protect you from the big bad world of allergies, there is probably someone who is allergic to everything in the world. 
In addition to nickel allergies, some people are simply allergic to alloys, or certain alloys. Alloys are blended to try to get the best qualities of both metals. The result may be something with the beautiful shine of gold, and but improved strength because of nickel that has been added. 
Even if the alloy does not contain nickel, the presence of combined different metals can be enough to cause an electrochemical reaction. The presence of moisture, which your body produces constantly, is enough to trigger the reaction. 
Therefore: even if you are not allergic to any of the individual metals, you can still be allergic to the alloy. 
Most people are not this sensitive, but if, even after trying "guaranteed" nickel free products, try paying attention to which are alloys. These may include gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze, some grades of…

NNF Home Jewelry Party

I must give a mighty thank you to my friend, Cat, for the home party that she threw for Naturally Nickel Free earlier this month. I learned a few things, and we all had a great time!

Healing a Nickel Allergy Rash

I realize that some of you out there have an allergy rash right now, or have a new piercing you need to manage carefully.

I will pass on the most sound advice I have read. Please keep in mind that I am not a  professional in skin care, but have read some useful things manage my own allergy.   I would like to pass some things along, and hope it will help you.  By the way, if something you are doing seems to be hurting your skin, stop, and consult your doctor.

I will speak as though the rash you have has been caused by earrings, though this will work on other areas as well.

First of all, if you have a nickel allergy rash stop wearing the item that seems to irritate it. If you continue to wear nickel-containing items when you are allergic to it, you can actually make your allergy more severe.

Then, examine your daily cleaning and beauty regimen. Don't get any soaps, dyes, hairsprays, make-up or other chemical substances on your ears. This can make a rash worse. Also if your rash itch…

"Nickel-Free" vs. "Hypo-Allergenic"

Many nice-looking pieces of jewelry are on racks for display with a label that says either "nickel-free" or "hypo-allergenic." So what's the diff? 
The confusing thing is that there is currently no regulation in the U.S. which governs exactly how these terms can be used.  “Nickel-Free” may still contain a small amount of nickel. The amount of nickel is such a truly tiny amount that even most allergy suffers will not get a rash. Surgical Stainless Steel would fit this category, and is considered safe for most people. If you want to avoid metals that may contain even a small amount of nickel, stick with niobium or titanium, or alloys with known content, such as brass or bronze (though double-check about any lead content just to be sure). 
As for the label, “Hypo-Allergenic,” just don't trust it. It doesn’t really mean anything. It technically means “less allergenic,” which is not much of a guarantee. (Less allergenic than what?) By the way, that stuff called…