Other Allergies

Pearl Clusters with Niobium Earwires
As much as I want to protect you from the big bad world of allergies, there is probably someone who is allergic to everything in the world. 

In addition to nickel allergies, some people are simply allergic to alloys, or certain alloys. Alloys are blended to try to get the best qualities of both metals. The result may be something with the beautiful shine of gold, and but improved strength because of nickel that has been added. 

Even if the alloy does not contain nickel, the presence of combined different metals can be enough to cause an electrochemical reaction. The presence of moisture, which your body produces constantly, is enough to trigger the reaction. 

Therefore: even if you are not allergic to any of the individual metals, you can still be allergic to the alloy. 

Most people are not this sensitive, but if, even after trying "guaranteed" nickel free products, try paying attention to which are alloys. These may include gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze, some grades of titanium, and more. In fact, these materials may not have any nickel content at all, just as they are advertised, but rather than having an allergy to the the individual metals, you may be allergic to the alloy itself. This can sometimes be referred to as an "alloy allergy." 

This is one of the best reasons to use pure metals rather than alloys or plated jewelry, even if there really is no nickel in them. This is particularly true for jewelry you wear in a piercing, and even more true if your piercing is new.

Also, pay attention to what is in any alloys you have a problem, as you may have a different allergy altogether. If you still are having reactions, an are unable to discover the source, that would be a good time to see your dermatologist. 


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