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Making Friends With the Camera

If you think about all the things I had to teach myself about a year ago, when I started all this jewelry stuff, you would think I was either very brave, or completely clueless depending on your point of view. I still feel that jewelry artists who have been in "the biz" for a while could really pick over my work and find all the little flaws with it, but mostly that's just my own insecurity. Actually, I am very picky about my own work.

One area I did NOT plan to become an expert on very soon was photography, and particularly "product photography."  It is still not an area I ever plan to claim as my zone, but I hope you will give me some credit for serious improvements I have made this year. Well, let's just say that at first I just kind of propped things up on my desk, put them on a dark fleece cloth, and snapped. I guess that does for a rudimentary start, and my mantra to shake my fear was that any picture was better than no picture.  Really, it was partl…