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Tale of a New Piercing

As usual, there are two stories. There is "What you are supposed to do," and there is "What really happened." So I will try to tell you what really happened first, and follow up with some instructions you can actually use.

Two things have been happening in our family. I have been thinking about getting a second piercing in one of my ears for a while. And as it turns out, my 11 year old daughter has been thinking about getting her ears pierced for longer than I realized.

So I started thinking about how these two things could go together. I thought that I could kind of lend moral support to my daughter by getting a piercing at the same time as she did. We have been thinking about her getting her ears pierced this summer, but the more I thought about summer activities (swimming pools, vacations) the more I thought that it would be especially nice to past this first 6-8 week healing period before summer vacation even begins. If we were to do that, we should not wait t…