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Argentium Silver Jewelry, and the Nature of the Economy

Today I'm just sharing.

Did you ever create something and immediately know it was good? I really want you to know about my latest Handmade Argentium Sterling Silver Set. I cut, filed, and formed each link of these chains with my own simple hand tools. Then I hammered it again for strength and texture, and fit the little ends together so they're snug. Then I determined I liked the final shape and quality, and put it together with the others. Each pair of blister pearl beads is coil-wrapped on both ends, so there is no slippage, and they are uniformly beautiful.

The ceramic pendant deserves a mention, since I handpainted this myself. I am not in the habit of making my own beads, but this was a special occasion. For my daughter's most recent birthday, we went to a local ceramic shop and we each chose projects to do.  As you can imagine, even though there were only a few beads to choose from, I latched onto these right away. I made this pendant, and a few other small beads. T…

Am I allergic to my Trumpet?

School season is nearly upon us, and with it comes new questions for the budding musicians in our families. If your child chooses, or already plays a brass instrument of any kind, you may want to know about this.

The mouthpiece of most brass instruments is made of (guess what?) - brass. This is often plated with another metal which looks silver, but is less expensive - Nickel.

I heard this originally from my husband (who is not really a brass player, but more of a guitar dude.) He told me that his high school music teacher told his brass players at that time, to coat the mouthpiece with clear finger nail polish if they started to react to it. Apparently the reaction is know among musicians as "Brass Poisoning," but we know it as our old friend, "Nickel Allergy." Reactions to the brass itself are also possible, and relatively common, however.

(Now, the idea of using nail polish near your lips seems like a flat-out bad idea.  It is amazing to me, the mythical powers…

Dick's Rock Shop

On our recent vacation to the Rockies, I was reminded of one of my ultimate favorite places on earth to find rocks - The Red Rose Rock Shop & Dick's Rock Museum. 
When I was a kid we found this place while we were vacationing at Rocky Mountain National Park, and ever since, when my parents or any of us kids went out there to vacation, even as adults, it has been a "must see." They have cuts of rocks both polished and unpolished, tiny chips and big chunks. Even if you buy nothing (which is impossible) you can learn an awful lot about geology and types of rock just be seeing what is there.  The people there also actually know about what they are selling. 
It has been 20 years since I, personally, have vacationed in the Rockies, and the significance of being back in the mountains again was healing and amazing. Even being back at Dick's really reminded me of some key childhood connections. I can credit this shop with significantly adding to my interest in geology at…

Craft Shows and Me

Well, I see it's been a while since I checked in around here. Truthfully, I feel I've been so busy with my shops and my jewelry, I haven't thought about my blog that much. But I have also been dipping my toes into a new and challenging arena, which a year ago I couldn't have really imagined for myself . . . craft fairs.

At this point in time, I am pleased to say that I have two craft fairs under my belt, a home party, and a church sponsored event. I am learning, though not always in the ways I'd like. But now, feeling a wee bit wiser, I feel like unloading my meager knowledge on you.  Let's see, there must be a few things to share . . .

1) Home Shows 

Though this was my first effort at selling to "the public" this was a huge ego boost and a great way to get some support from my local community. Cat, my hostess, was fabulous and if she had not encouraged me and been so inviting, it might have been a long time before I tried this.

Anybody else out there…