Dick's Rock Shop

Dick's Rock Shop
On our recent vacation to the Rockies, I was reminded of one of my ultimate favorite places on earth to find rocks - The Red Rose Rock Shop & Dick's Rock Museum. 

We just love it in the Rockies
When I was a kid we found this place while we were vacationing at Rocky Mountain National Park, and ever since, when my parents or any of us kids went out there to vacation, even as adults, it has been a "must see." They have cuts of rocks both polished and unpolished, tiny chips and big chunks. Even if you buy nothing (which is impossible) you can learn an awful lot about geology and types of rock just be seeing what is there.  The people there also actually know about what they are selling. 

It has been 20 years since I, personally, have vacationed in the Rockies, and the significance of being back in the mountains again was healing and amazing. Even being back at Dick's really reminded me of some key childhood connections. I can credit this shop with significantly adding to my interest in geology at a young age - an interest that never really had a chance to take root until I started making jewelry and learning about stones again. 
Even though they started in 1939, the business has been handed down through the family and is still truly a small, family-owned business. They are quite unique, and an exciting find. So here's the plug - if you find yourself out at Estes Park, Colorado, you'll have to check them out for yourself. 

This fluorite bead is from Dick's Shop
And the first question out of my mouth when I got there this time? What else - "Do you have any beads?" 


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