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I've Got Your Back

Consider the humble earring clutch. Also called a butterfly clutch, earnut, or simply an earring back, these little pieces present their own challenge for nickel allergy sufferers.
Post earrings are a staple for anyone who wears earrings. For one thing, most starter earrings are posts. This means you are wearing them when you are most vulnerable to infection. In addition, there are times when dangles just aren't practical. You may not be able to wear them at work, or with small children, or it may just be your personal preference.

When you buy post earrings, you need to know the content of three parts:

post: the straight pin that goes through your ear
pad: the flat disc that rests against your ear
clutch: The back of the earring, which holds the earring on

The most common material for the clutch to be made of is Surgical Stainless Steel.  Surgical Stainless Steel has about 10% nickel in it.  For people who have a nickel allergy, this is a huge number. This metal is sold on "hyp…