Argentium Silver Post Dangles

I want to show you some of the fun I'm having with post dangles. These little pretties are made of Argentium Sterling Silver, which, if you've been reading my blog, you know why I love.

This stuff is not only nickel free, but it also doesn't tarnish - how cool is that? It doesn't need polishing, just basic cleaning.

Posts are preferred by some people, and others rely on French hook dangles or hoops.  But did you know it is actually recommended that during the first 4-6 months after your piercing, you continue to wear posts earrings? This is so the little tunnel of skin can heal very solidly, all in the same direction. Even though you can switch earrings after only 6-8 weeks, the the tissue is still fairly soft. This gives it a little more time to heal completely. But who can wait to start wearing all those pretty dangles you're dreaming of? That's why I think these are so fabulous - the best of both worlds. These and others are available at  I only have a few so far, but come on over to see what I've got.  I would love for these to sell so I can make some more. :)


  1. beautiful! the pearl ones are my fave, but the blue is such a great color....nice stuff.


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