"Mom, I'm allergic to my braces"

It sounds like one of those "allergic to homework" lines, but this one might be true.

With school starting and fall approaching, we start to think of some of those necessary little family chores, like going to the dentist. Most visits aren't too dramatic, but once in a while you get some bad news. The news that you need braces, though is not at all uncommon, and most families will have at least one member who needs to go through this ordeal.

If you have nickel allergies, or you want to avoid them, these little suckers pose more of a problem. Think about it. These things are in your mouth all the time, most likely when you are young. Over a couple of years, your mouth is the site of a host of little cuts, sores and irritations, many of which come and go without much notice. These little irritations are the perfect entry point for nickel to get into your body, and make an ideal environment for an allergy to develop.

Also, it is good to remember that even if you don't have nickel allergies YET, they can still develop. Having these in your mouth for a couple of years or so is a real test. Now that I'm thinking about it more critically, when I had braces as a pre-teen, we had no concept that nickel was a hazard, and I'm certain my parents never asked about it. It was not until about three years later that my allergies developed - was it related? I'll never know.

So if you or your child are getting braces, take care to ask your orthodontist for nickel free braces. They are available if you ask. Otherwise, assume they contain nickel. Braces are irritating enough - don't let them create a lifelong allergy.


  1. I have a nickel allergy so this is VERY interesting to me!

  2. Great information! After 50+ years, I can't wear any type of metal chain around my neck...as the back of my neck breaks out. I have been thinking of getting braces, so this info is invaluable to me!

  3. ugh, this reminds me I need to make an appointment at the orthodontist, last kid need braces too. That makes 3 for 3. I had them but hubby didn't. Guess kids got my mouth.

  4. So sorry to hear it. We're still holding out hope that our 1 can wait another year for braces, but its time for us to make that trip too. My daughter would also be better off if she got her dad's teeth instead of mine.

  5. Had the nickel allergy, got braces at age 32....disaster! Had to go to the invisible braces at an increased cost to finish the treatment. This is a great post and I hope it saves folks the pain and $$$ that I experienced!

  6. one more allergy for me to worry about, lovely. I thought peanuts, tree nuts, egg, sesame, ginger and curry, cats, dogs, mold, trees etc. was enough on my kids plate!

  7. Never thought about it. I had braces twice! I'm not sensitive though to nickel.


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