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Singing the Praises of Niobium

Have you looked around for niobium chain? Really? The thing that impresses me about handmade niobium chain is that IT'S JUST NOT OUT THERE! except . . . at my little shop.

If you are nickel-allergic, niobium might just be your next best friend. It is a pure metal, nickel-free, and beautiful.

Generally speaking when I point out my handmade chain, customers are amazed!  I've had a customer ask if I have a "machine" that makes them (no!) and another who made it clear she saw no special difference between my handmade chain and some commercially made chain used in some pieces right next to it. (Yes!)

Now that I have worked with a basic chain for a while, I'm enjoying trying some patterns and inventing some ideas that are a little more unique looking.  By the way, Niobium metal does not take solder (and the solder introduces yet another metal alloy to the jewelry) so I rely on a combination of chainmaille techniques and wire-wrapping in creating my jewelry. I also cre…