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. . .But I Love the Earrings that I'm Allergic to. Now What?

We didn't choose our allergy.

By the time you even knew you had an allergy you may have had a collection of jewelry that you loved, and months or years later made your skin break out in an itchy oozy mess.

It's even more awkward if you're given a pair as a gift and then have to say, um, sorry honey, I just can't wear them. You may even end up accepting them them just so you don't offend.

Then consider that you've just been offered a pair of your grandmother's vintage earrings - gorgeous and carrying a precious memory.  But . . . they cause a painful reaction.

But do you, really have to give up those gorgeous pairs of earrings? I can't offer findings for every style of earring, but I can offer these simple French Hook earwires, that may save some of your favorites.

The earwire is just a part - it can be replaced. I have been thinking about this problem for a while, and think there are probably many women who would love to have genuinely allergy-safe ear…