. . .But I Love the Earrings that I'm Allergic to. Now What?

Argentium Silver Earwires

We didn't choose our allergy.

By the time you even knew you had an allergy you may have had a collection of jewelry that you loved, and months or years later made your skin break out in an itchy oozy mess.

It's even more awkward if you're given a pair as a gift and then have to say, um, sorry honey, I just can't wear them. You may even end up accepting them them just so you don't offend.

Then consider that you've just been offered a pair of your grandmother's vintage earrings - gorgeous and carrying a precious memory.  But . . . they cause a painful reaction.

But do you, really have to give up those gorgeous pairs of earrings? I can't offer findings for every style of earring, but I can offer these simple French Hook earwires, that may save some of your favorites.

The earwire is just a part - it can be replaced. I have been thinking about this problem for a while, and think there are probably many women who would love to have genuinely allergy-safe earwires to go with earrings they already have.

Perhaps this is also a good time to remind you that if you have those pairs of earrings that make you break out, BUT YOU WEAR THEM ANYWAY . . . DON'T. Continuing to irritate your nickel allergy rash will actually make you more sensitive, and more allergic over time, getting greater reactions to less exposure. This is what eventually can make people so extremely allergic that they can't touch their keys without itching, or have to beware of nickel content in their food!

I make all my own earwires by hand - they are not churned out on a machine, but bent with specialty hand pliers, and hardened by hand. Then I file the ends thoroughly so they are smooth and ready to wear. I have made each pair as a set, so even though one pair may resemble another, the only perfect match to an earring is its mate. I currently have listings for Niobium (22 gauge) and Argentium Sterling Silver (21 gauge) Earwires. The niobium is available in its natural steel-gray color, and in anodized bronzetone. If you prefer a different gauge, or would like them packaged in a different unit, I would be pleased to make them for you.

Pink Pearl Cluster Argentium Earrings
Attaching the new earwire to your existing earring is easy. You just tilt the loop gently to the side, and slide on the new bead or dangle. All you need are some simple needle nose pliers - just take care to cover the teeth with masking tape so you don't scratch the metal. If you prefer to get some inexpensive chain nose pliers those are readily available in craft shops too. Then you can have your old earrings back and be able to wear them pain-free too!

So have no fear.  There is a way to recover those lost beauties. It can even help you relax more on those important holidays where you may receive an unexpected gift. Then, all you have to say is "Thank You."


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