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Featured Item - Niobium Disk Earrings with Czech Glass Accent

To date, this is still one of my favorite pairs of earrings. I think, in fact it tells quite a lot about where I am going as a jewelry designer. I love the elemental look of the raw niobium. The disks, to me, are beautiful all by themselves. Hammering the niobium into a shape for basic texture and strength just brings it to life. And the disk itself? Well, I ordered these, but I have a taste for cutting my own now, and there are tools for that . . .

The combination of niobium, and the bead itself, are an indulgence in shape and color. I realized these are not bright colors, but the combination captures an industrial style which to me is better than simple beauty - it's interesting.

By the way, they may "look" heavy but they're not. They're only 1 1/2 inches, similar to most of my earrings, and quite light in weight. To read more, go to:

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The Gift That Fits

Okay, I know.  You're full of gift ideas and you never put things off until the last minute.  But just in case you have someone who's hard to shop for, or you happen to find that it's mid-December and you've put things off again, think about a gift certificate at Naturally Nickel Free.

Every item is nickel free, and will not cause or irritate a nickel allergy.  My shop also happens to be full of beautiful handmade wire art jewelry that anyone would love to wear. I work to keep my prices moderate, and am I always here to help you - before and after the sale.

Gift Certificates are available every day of the year.  You can choose the amount that fits your budget, and she will always be pleased with what you found.