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My New Shop

Hello! I've been taking a little time, and moving things into my new online shop at SupaDupa Boutique, and getting settled in. You'll find the same products in both my shops, but you may find that you prefer viewing or browsing better in one or the other. At SupaDupa, I can also list items in multiple collections, which I think will really help your ability to search for just what you want. So browse and enjoy!

Don't Try This At Home

I have noticed a trend among nickel allergy sufferers. It's understandable. The last time you wore earrings, it caused a rash that lasted for days. Every time you wear them, the rash seems to get worse. It's easier to just leave them out until you "really" need to wear them. As a result, it may get to be so long between wearings that your piercing begins to heal shut.

On more than one occasion, I have heard my customers say things like, "I'll see if they'll still go through my ears," or "I'll see if I can jam them in anyway because I really like them."

Yikes! If you find yourself in this situation, please don't. This is the reason that it really is best to keep earrings in most of the time if you plan to keep your ears pierced. Of course you can go longer between wearings if you've had your ears pierced 10 years compared to 6 months, but there is still a point at which your piercing will start to heal closed.

If you try your e…

A New Year

Greetings on the beginning of this new year. I wish you well for another year of the earth's spin around the universe.

May your year be marked by significant beginnings, gentle endings, and balance in all the good things of your life. Family, work, wellness, and creativity. Blessings to you and yours.