Don't Try This At Home

Brass & Shell Spiral Earrings
I have noticed a trend among nickel allergy sufferers. It's understandable. The last time you wore earrings, it caused a rash that lasted for days. Every time you wear them, the rash seems to get worse. It's easier to just leave them out until you "really" need to wear them. As a result, it may get to be so long between wearings that your piercing begins to heal shut.

On more than one occasion, I have heard my customers say things like, "I'll see if they'll still go through my ears," or "I'll see if I can jam them in anyway because I really like them."

Yikes! If you find yourself in this situation, please don't. This is the reason that it really is best to keep earrings in most of the time if you plan to keep your ears pierced. Of course you can go longer between wearings if you've had your ears pierced 10 years compared to 6 months, but there is still a point at which your piercing will start to heal closed.

If you try your earrings and you discover you can't get them straight through, consult a qualified piercer. (By the way, this does not mean those scary kiosk people with the piercing guns!)  An earring, even though you may technically be able to push it through, is not a sterile instrument. It is also blunt. It will tear your ear tissue, and possibly cause more problems.

If you choose to let your piercing grow closed, this is fine.  If you maintain the piercing though, you need to keep it open so that it is always open. You should never have to push an earring through by force.

It is generally recommended that people with new piercings continue to wear earrings, day and night, for an entire year. This means it is very important to find earrings that are comfortable enough to sleep with. I recommend posts or small hoops for this job. Even though I've had mine repierced for over two years now, I still need to wear something most nights, because my morning is often so busy, I might run off to work without them. This is not necessarily a problem, but after only a couple of days I notice a difference. I'd just rather keep something there, even if it isn't always my "favorite" earrings.
Simple Niobium Hoops
I have started offering simple hoops in smaller sizes, hoping that they will give you another option of something comfortable to sleep in. They are petite and lightweight, and some people prefer not having a post and earring back pressing near their head as they sleep. The smallest I have been able to make them, and still make them easy enough to get on around your earlobe is about 1/2 inch (12 mm).

I would like to comment too, that putting hoops in and out can require a little careful treatment. Never pull a hoop straight out if it seems to be caught. It is easy to think the end is right behind your lobe and ready to tip out of your ear, when it is a little farther back. A small hand mirror may be helpful in seeing your hoop from all angles. Also, larger hoops may be a little easier to handle at first, if you are not used to this style. That being said, they are very versatile and comfortable to wear.
Red Aventurine Titanium Posts
Others prefer post earrings, and they have the security of knowing that the post always goes straight through. I always recommend posts to people with newly pierced ears, or just tender piercings they are trying to nurse back to health. There are so many colorful posts to choose from. It's really just a matter of finding what works best for you.

But really, please don't repierce your ears yourself with a blunt, unsterilized earring end. It was never intended for this purpose and may irritate your ears even more. There is a better way.


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