Feeling Frugal?

Brass Teardrops on Niobium Hoops
Did you know that Naturally Nickel Free currently has over 50 items that are UNDER $20? Even if you're pinching pennies, there is plenty to see and choose from every day of the year.

I have been working to set up a new collection which specifically features everything under $20 to make these items easier to find.

Perhaps you have noticed (or if you haven't I'll tell you) that I just don't run sales.  I just offer great jewelry at great prices. I respect your intelligence, and prefer not to play the game of raising prices just so that I can lower them later in a so-called sale. I prefer to be straightforward as a business person, and in my life, and that's just not how I roll.

Okay, maybe it's a little unusual, but being different never held much fear for me. If it means I'm doing right by you, that's what I'll do.

Meanwhile, come on over and check out the bargains that I offer every day.

No Sales, No Gimmicks. Just great prices.


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