All That Glitters Isn't Gold!

Kambala Jasper Niobium Bracelet
Although this old adage is intended as a warning, I take it as an invitation to explore. After all, Gold isn't the only beautiful thing in the world, is it?

Can you find the beauty in Botswana Agate, in African Turquoise, in Picasso Jasper? I can. And I don't think their beauty is inferior to anything.  No offense to the shiny people, but I think some stones and metals get great press, mostly because they're, you know, Shiny. I dislike the class system in gemstones and metals, much as I dislike it in people. I'll decide what's precious to me, and value it for what it is, not what it isn't.

Just listen to their names. Go ahead. Pronounce them on the tip of your tongue. Roll the sound around in your mouth. Feel the syllables vibrate in your toes, and listen.

Kambala Jasper, Rose Quartz, Unakite. 
Amazonite, Aventurine, Purple Mountain  Jade. 
Naodelite, Fluorite, India Agate, Citrine.
Autumn Jasper, Cherry Quartz, Banded Oak Agate.
Opal, Blood Stone, Australian Jasper, Turquoise.
Tiger Eye.

Embedded in many of their names are clues to their very beginnings - their connections to geology and culture. Many of the colors you speak are named for the stones themselves, not the other way around.  Add in the possibilities of Glass, Polymer Clay, Wood, Bone, Shell, and the metals themselves - well there is just so much to choose from.

I have the same feeling where metals go. I learned to distrust Gold, and standard Sterling Silver years ago when I was still battling my allergy. The so-called precious metals are not so precious to me if I can't even wear them safely.
Picasso Jasper Niobium Drops

I find that Niobium and Titanium (poetically named for Greek Gods) ARE my precious metals. I know that I can always wear them, and can always recommend them to others. Argentium Sterling Silver is a fabulous find, and I loved learning that with this metal, I can offer the classic look of silver and still guarantee its safety for allergies! I also adore using brass, copper, and pewter, and knowing that they're nickel free gives me great freedom to play.

So the next time you feel like you have to pay a premium price for something shiny, just think about the possibilities.


  1. For the record, I far prefer this kind of style to the "shiny". More interesting! That bracelet is a truly lovely piece. And I'm no gold person either! Looking forward to seeing what more you can do with these gorgeous rugged stones!

  2. Thanks, Sandra! I really like your gorgeous knits too! -Donna

  3. Love your product line. Glad to see artists address the subject of nickle allergy in jewelry.

    Silver Griffon Designs

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