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Too Many Tools

Okay, really, I did not just say that. This is one of those "this-is-not-a-problem" problems, but sooner or later, the tools begin to have their own needs, the least of which is a decent place to put them.

In fact, with so many jewelry this-n-that's or organize, I get a ridiculous little thrill out of inventing just the right odd organizing system. In addition, I love using things for stuff they they never meant for, and I regard organizers, boxes, and shelves in general simply as raw material. My newest addition: a shoe rack.

My husband had bought a couple of these to organize his stuff in the basement, but after a while decided they were just in his way.  He asked me if I could use one, to which I immediately responded, "No-please-I-don't-need-more-stuff."

After the shelves had been lugged out the car and declared donations for Goodwill, I got to thinking again, and doing a bit of measuring. Maybe . . . one would be just the right thing for the hammers whi…

Storing Earrings on the Cheap

When I get earrings of my own, I like to spend my money on the jewelry, not on storage. Besides, it seems like however you start to store jewelry, you can always outgrow your own system. I like a system that lasts a while, but is also simple enough to duplicate as many times as I need. I also need something that was accessible to me, but not to my cats.

When I got my ears pierced, I knew that I was going to have to solve the storage question soon. My daughter had some stickers in a new package. Did you know that those packs of kids' stickers come with a cardboard backing with a pre-cut hole at the top that makes it easy to hang on the wall? The weight of the cardboard is also ideal for this kind of project, since it is sturdy, but not too thick. The dimensions are 9"x6" (23cm x 16cm) which seemed just right for my needs. This was enough of a start to get me thinking about how to hang earrings on it.

Here's what I did: I marked out dots about every 1/2 inch on the boar…