Storing Earrings on the Cheap

When I get earrings of my own, I like to spend my money on the jewelry, not on storage. Besides, it seems like however you start to store jewelry, you can always outgrow your own system. I like a system that lasts a while, but is also simple enough to duplicate as many times as I need. I also need something that was accessible to me, but not to my cats.

When I got my ears pierced, I knew that I was going to have to solve the storage question soon. My daughter had some stickers in a new package. Did you know that those packs of kids' stickers come with a cardboard backing with a pre-cut hole at the top that makes it easy to hang on the wall? The weight of the cardboard is also ideal for this kind of project, since it is sturdy, but not too thick. The dimensions are 9"x6" (23cm x 16cm) which seemed just right for my needs. This was enough of a start to get me thinking about how to hang earrings on it.

Here's what I did: I marked out dots about every 1/2 inch on the board.  I marked some of the holes close to the edge so that I could use these spots for hoops. I tried to measure how much vertical room I would need for hanging dangling earrings, but in the end I discovered vertical space is not that picky. As you can see, this is the board I currently used for my posts and hoops. There is even still some more room for punching holes if I need more space.

To make the holes in the cardboard, I just took a sturdy yarn needle, and poked it through with a thimble. (This may be the only time in my life I have actually used a thimble.) It is important that the needle goes from front to back so that the little dimple that you get when you push it through is on the back, not the front. The resulting holes are large enough to slide posts and earwires in and out of easily, but small enough to hold them in. I hang the board beside my closet with one of those little stick-on hooks you can get at any drug store.

Since it is cardboard, and it is mine, I can mark categories of earrings I want to remember. I like to write labels about what metal the earrings are made of. (I always remember the earrings I have made myself, but if they have come from other sources I like to record it.)

For my second board, I didn't have another sticker card handy, but I did have another piece of nice clean cardboard, about the right size and weight. It probably came with a package of some sort, and it's just the sort of thing I would hang on to. Since this board didn't already have a cut-out hole in the top, I just had to make my own. I decided to use my needle to make holes in the top, and use a ribbon scrap as a hanger.

This cheap little system hardly takes any space to display, holds all my earrings, and I can see and reach any pair easily. It works a little better for french hook earwires than for posts. The posts go on fine, but it is a little "fiddly" getting the clutches on the back in the right place. I recommend not keeping this board over the garbage can ;)

If I were to add something to the board to improve overall, I might make a little frame for the back to keep the board a little bit away from the wall.

If I run out of space on these two boards (likely) I can always make another one. AND I can hang them out of the way enough to not make my cats think they look like shiny little kitty toys. This method is cheap, easy to reproduce, and it works. Feel free to try it on your own.


  1. very cool! And great the turn your posts may be taking. Great craft idea but also something you could sell!


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