Too Many Tools

Okay, really, I did not just say that. This is one of those "this-is-not-a-problem" problems, but sooner or later, the tools begin to have their own needs, the least of which is a decent place to put them.

In fact, with so many jewelry this-n-that's or organize, I get a ridiculous little thrill out of inventing just the right odd organizing system. In addition, I love using things for stuff they they never meant for, and I regard organizers, boxes, and shelves in general simply as raw material. My newest addition: a shoe rack.

My husband had bought a couple of these to organize his stuff in the basement, but after a while decided they were just in his way.  He asked me if I could use one, to which I immediately responded, "No-please-I-don't-need-more-stuff."

After the shelves had been lugged out the car and declared donations for Goodwill, I got to thinking again, and doing a bit of measuring. Maybe . . . one would be just the right thing for the hammers which seem to have multiplied recently, perhaps some of those overflow office supplies that just don't have a great spot. The boxes are little, but the shelf is deep, making it great, I had to admit, for just the right thing.

So when all was said and done, I put this neat little shelf under one of my desks - sure, there' not much leg room, but it's not where I sit most of the time anyway. Currently, I even have a little unused space in the rack, a rarity in my life that makes me a little giddy.

The other shelf found a home in our daughter's room too, so they really were useful. However: (This is an aside, but also a warning) I have learned to have a healthy fear of empty boxes and shelves. Really, they "look" so useful, and are so hard to get rid of. But unless they find an actual use in our space now (not the house we used to live in, or the house we may live in someday) they quickly add to the clutter.

So for a while longer, I can fiddle with some new little cubby holes just right for just the right thing, whatever that may be.


  1. You're one smart lady for knowing how to use your spaces! I think twice now before I throw any shelving out.

  2. Thanks, Sandra. Actually, now that I'm looking at that picture, the desk itself was design as a computer desk, so I use the slide out shelf for my own tray of stuff, and the little drawer underneath for wire that comes in large coils and other odd items. Thanks for reading!


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