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Stepping Out

It is interesting how things happen sometimes. I have lived with my family in our current house for five years now, and we enjoy our home and our neighborhood. A few houses down from us, there is a building that looks a little out of place in this older residential setting - a two story square brick building, painted all white. The center door is retail space which has been in use for most of the time we've been here. It turns out that the building was once an old fashioned grocery store, and has now been renovated partially for commercial use, and partially for apartments. I'm not sure when the "for rent" sign appeared, because, honestly, it never dawned on me that this would relate to us until a few months later, when the sign was still there.

Then a thought began ticking in my head which had something to do with my husband's computer business.  Though he's been getting very busy, he still has been running the business from home. It suddenly occurred to me…