Custom Orders

"Can you make a black natural stone
necklace suitable for  job interview?"
How To Place a Custom Order with Naturally Nickel Free

If you would like me to make a piece of jewelry for your special event or for someone you love, just tell me what you need. To place a custom order,  e-mail me and ask for what you would like.  I check my e-mail daily and will get back to you as soon as I am able. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all custom work.

A custom order is a collaboration which will take a bit of time and effort on both of our parts. I must be able to communicate with you easily by e-mail to complete your order. After you tell me your needs, I will e-mail you an estimate of the cost and time needed, and you can decide whether you want to place the order. Please note that if your request requires tools or skills I do not have at this time, I may not be able to take on your project.

"Do you have Amethyst Posts?" I do now!
I will post a custom order for you in my shop with half of the estimated cost. Once you pay this amount, I will work to complete your project.  I'll post the remainder of the cost in my shop when your item is complete. When the final amount is paid, I will ship your jewelry to you. Additional charges may be incurred for rush work or other unexpected expenses. For smaller orders, I reserve the right to waive the 50% deposit requirement, and just post the jewelry for the full price when it is complete.

I will send you photos of beads or other supplies, portions of work or other stages of the process as needed. If there is a delay in your work for any reason, I will communicate with you.

To get started, just e-mail and tell me what type of jewelry you need, and what colors, lengths, or styles work best for you. Some people like to tell me precisely what they need, and others like me to take an idea and run with it. Once you contact me, I'll do my best to work out the details with you.

"Can you make earrings to go
with this necklace?" Of course!

Please allow at least four to six weeks before any special events for which the jewelry is required. For multiple orders, such as may be needed for a wedding party, please allow additional time.

Your order is important to me. I look forward to working with you.

Hello, and welcome to my studio.

Are you local to Des Moines, Iowa? Pick up your custom order at my shop location in town, and save on shipping. E-mail me for details. 


  1. I think you would have a lot of customers e-mailing you… Do you have a personal assistant to deal with those? I think you should, or probably make an “e-mail subject” that your customers would use whenever they’ll order for customized items. You can filter your e-mails by then.
    -Izzonet Build Shopping Cart

    1. Well, I guess that is a problem I'd like to have. I guess I'll adapt as needed. If I have a "waiting list" I'll just have to let people know before they order. My "personal assistant" staff is a little short right now, unless you count my cats :)


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