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I'm on a Roll - Spiral Post Earrings

I'm on a roll . . . I love making post earrings and am pleased I've discovered a place to get Titanium posts and pads to attach to stones, but . . . Still, I have wished for a way to do it myself. 

With the help of my jewelry tumbler, I can now toughen my wire enough to make a neat spiral post that is strong enough to hold up to regular use, and even hold a beautiful beaded dangle on it. I was pretty distressed when I found out that the Argentium Sterling Silver posts with a loop were not available from my supplier. Well, at least it left me wondering what to do next. Argentium is still unusual enough to use, that specific "findings" in this precious metal can be, well, hard to find. There isn't automatically a replacement when somebody stops carrying something. 

So what's a jewelry artist to do? Well, make it herself, of course. I will probably discover a variety of ways to make post earrings now that I have started, but this simple spiral design leads to s…