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Meet the Staff

Amid all the talk this election cycle, there is the occasional nod to small business. However I've come to realize people mean vastly different things when they talk about small businesses - one "small business" may have nearly 100 employees, and another may have, well, just one. So just to bring things back to basics, I thought you might like to meet the staff here at Naturally Nickel Free.

Well, I suppose you've got the point. I certainly don't have to convince the many, many people out there who are also managing small homespun businesses, that there is a lot going on out here.  I do somewhat think that as consumers, we've lost our perspective. We've given up, thinking that all the little businesses out there are pretending to be something they're not. 
I don't want you to imagine I'm really all alone in this, though, or that I'm complaining. Of course there is my family who is a great support, and my husband in particular who is actuall…

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The Perfect Fit

Ordering jewelry online is easy. But when customers are picking out a piece of jewelry at my art shows, they hold the weight of a pendant in their hands as they consider. They dangle an earring near their cheek with a mirror so they can imagine wearing it. They can even try on a necklace or bracelet to see the exact way it hangs on them.

None of these are things you can do online. But with a little careful consideration, you can take some of the guesswork out, and choose something you will be happy with for years and years.

My intention in writing this, is simply to remind you that the ruler is your friend. Knowing the size of your body and the item you are considering is extremely important in making a final decision about jewelry you will be happy with. The description of the item given online will give some basic measurements, but then what?

Photos, for reasons that are really no one's fault, can make things seem smaller or larger than they really are. I once ordered a pair of…

The Autumn Collection

A Celebration of Color!

Autumn is absolutely my favorite season. After the sweltering heat of the summer, the cooling of the earth feels like new life to me. I get more energy and crave the outdoors. I marvel at the trees, wonder at the nature of color, itself, and am in awe at all the changes of life. Somehow the earth keeps turning, and her creatures and plants know just what to do.

It's also a time I can get outdoors with my family, renew connections to church and school, and just get out of my four walls for a while. I like to think that the urgency the animals feel before the first blast of winter is not so foreign to us, too. As modern humans, we think we've risen above simple instinct, but I feel that urgency, too - the need to get things done, reconnect and welcome change.

I would love to celebrate autumn's stunning colors with you. Please take a moment to enjoy my Autumn Collection at SupaDupa Boutique. I welcome you.