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Amid all the talk this election cycle, there is the occasional nod to small business. However I've come to realize people mean vastly different things when they talk about small businesses - one "small business" may have nearly 100 employees, and another may have, well, just one. So just to bring things back to basics, I thought you might like to meet the staff here at Naturally Nickel Free.

Meet the Production Line. (That's me.) 
Meet the Sales Staff. (That's me.)
Meet the Tool and Supply Acquisition Team. (That's me.) 

Meet the Chief Photographer. (That's me.) 
Meet the Web Design Team, Copy Writing and Editing Staff, Photo Editing Room,  Accounting,  Customer Service, and General Business. (That's Me.) 
Well, I suppose you've got the point. I certainly don't have to convince the many, many people out there who are also managing small homespun businesses, that there is a lot going on out here.  I do somewhat think that as consumers, we've lost our perspective. We've given up, thinking that all the little businesses out there are pretending to be something they're not. 

I don't want you to imagine I'm really all alone in this, though, or that I'm complaining. Of course there is my family who is a great support, and my husband in particular who is actually a key player as "my  computer guy." There are also  local services and stores in Des Moines, and just a lot of advice and services I've gotten online as well. I can say with a high degree of certainty that this business would not exist (at least in its current form) without the Internet, and I am glad for all the helpers I can find. 

So here we are, the staff at Naturally Nickel Free. Oh, wait, I almost forgot someone.

Meet the Cover Girl. 

And it would be a terrible oversight not to show you who's really in charge . . .

Sophie - The Director
Jasper - Ready for his photo shoot
Roxy - Head Supervisor in charge
of Sniffing New Tools


  1. That's a lot of work for one person. You're doing a great job! I love your cats, they are so cute!

  2. That's a lot of work for one person. You're doing a great job! I love your cats, they are so cute!

  3. Thanks, Meghan. I really appreciate your kind words, and so do the cats!


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