Because Little Things Mean a Lot

I recently spent some time learning how to make little origami flowers from pretty paper. Why? Because they look cool on the gift boxes I send your jewelry in. In fact, as much as I like the pretty green gauze pouches I've used for so long, I've decided that gift boxes generally keep your jewelry safer in the mail. (Don't worry, I'll still use the pouches at events - I won't waste them.)

Satin Brass Disk with Citrine Tassel
Among my many jobs in keeping Naturally Nickel Free running smoothly, I know it is my job to make you feel cared for.

It seems like this would be a little easier if I looked like a real person in a real store, like most of the places you do your shopping.  But instead, I must communicate almost entirely by pixels. I like to remember that even though this whole computer-thing does place a certain distance between us, it also brings us together.

Perhaps not that much is expected of this customer / seller relationship we have for a while in cyber-land.  But even though our direct communication may be short, I spend quite a long time getting ready for you. And when you do come, I want to take care of you. Sometimes that means I answer your questions, sometimes that means I create a special order especially for you, and sometimes that means I put a pretty little bow I folded to give your jewelry that last personal touch you might remember me by.


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