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Bare Naked Jewelry

Really, it's what I don't do to my jewelry that may interest you most.
I don't coat it with sealants. I don't dye it. I don't use paint, nail polish, or other clever things to coat it with. I don't even add liver of sulfur just to make it look old, or solder. I don't use metal that has been plated with anything else. I choose antiqued brass chain that is guaranteed by the supplier not to have been contaminated with nickel and is, of course, lead free.

I don't add stuff to my jewelry. I expect my customers to be allergic to nickel. I know not all of you are, but it is my stance that jewelry that contains nickel is not safe to wear. I also have a basic aversion to adding stuff when I don't really know what I'm adding. This is the way I have always felt, whether I'm wearing jewelry on my skin, putting lotion on my face, or adding some miracle spice to my food. It's one of the various reasons that I take special effort (and pride) to create…

The Amazing Post Earring

Okay, so why am I talking about post earrings again? Because of two things: I have noticed that customers like them, and I have learned some stuff.

One of the reasons I love custom orders is that they sometimes challenge me to think in new and different ways. A few months ago I had a customer ask for a pair of amethyst post earrings. This was a reasonable and pretty simple request. However I didn't have amethyst stones and I had to order them from a different supplier than I usually go through. The result was that instead of being 10 mm round, they were really closer to being 9 mm, and left an unacceptable rim around the stone. What to do? These are titanium. I have wrestled with titanium wire enough to know that this little disk is one tough cookie.  I did assume that none of my cutters were tough enough to trim down that innocent looking little titanium pad.

Well, funny things happen when you challenge yourself to ruin a tool if that's what it takes - sometimes it actually …