Bare Naked Jewelry

Amethyst Argentium Spiral Bracelet
Really, it's what I don't do to my jewelry that may interest you most.

I don't coat it with sealants. I don't dye it. I don't use paint, nail polish, or other clever things to coat it with. I don't even add liver of sulfur just to make it look old, or solder. I don't use metal that has been plated with anything else. I choose antiqued brass chain that is guaranteed by the supplier not to have been contaminated with nickel and is, of course, lead free.

I don't add stuff to my jewelry. I expect my customers to be allergic to nickel. I know not all of you are, but it is my stance that jewelry that contains nickel is not safe to wear. I also have a basic aversion to adding stuff when I don't really know what I'm adding. This is the way I have always felt, whether I'm wearing jewelry on my skin, putting lotion on my face, or adding some miracle spice to my food. It's one of the various reasons that I take special effort (and pride) to create by hand, my own earwires, clasps, chain links, headpins, and virtually ever other part of your jewelry I can manage.

Here's an example of why I feel the way I do. Solder is a common metal additive in many pieces of jewelry which has been used for years and years. It is used to create some beautiful pieces, but unfortunately, it contained a high percentage of lead for many years.  Although modern versions of solder do not contain lead, knowing this makes me alert to the fact that before I introduce something like this to your jewelry, I'd better know more about it. And truthfully, I don't need it, so it's just not on my list of things to worry about today.

Green Cats Eye Cluster Earrings
Like everyone, I have a working environment. Unlike most people, I have a great deal of control over what is in my working environment. I have little interest in adding fumes to the air of my house that are harmful, or adding substances to your jewelry that are only safe when they are dry or washed off sufficiently. In addition to making things safe for your skin, I live here, and breathing is something I've sort of gotten used to doing.

Now, if you order a piece of my jewelry and decide you never want to bother with shining it or polishing it in the future, you are welcome to add a sealant to it, which is generally available. You can also use other techniques such as putting it in a sealed plastic container or enclosing it with a little silica bag. I've described some non-toxic ideas for polishing and preserving your jewelry in another blog entry "The Care and Feeding of your New Jewelry."

We use so many chemicals on our bodies every day without even being aware of it. I take pride in the fact that my metals are pure, my alloys are nickel free, and the surfaces are plain, so you can choose freely, and enjoy.


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