The Amazing Post Earring

Amethyst Titanium Post Earrings 9 mm
Okay, so why am I talking about post earrings again? Because of two things: I have noticed that customers like them, and I have learned some stuff.

One of the reasons I love custom orders is that they sometimes challenge me to think in new and different ways. A few months ago I had a customer ask for a pair of amethyst post earrings. This was a reasonable and pretty simple request. However I didn't have amethyst stones and I had to order them from a different supplier than I usually go through. The result was that instead of being 10 mm round, they were really closer to being 9 mm, and left an unacceptable rim around the stone. What to do? These are titanium. I have wrestled with titanium wire enough to know that this little disk is one tough cookie.  I did assume that none of my cutters were tough enough to trim down that innocent looking little titanium pad.
Rainbow Obsidian Posts 6 x 8 oval

Well, funny things happen when you challenge yourself to ruin a tool if that's what it takes - sometimes it actually works! So those simple amethyst posts were made after all (those were gorgeous stones too) and my discovery was set aside for awhile until I was ready to get some more stones for posts.

So recently, I was able to order my stones.  The batch I have at the moment is 6 x 8 mm, which feels and looks a lot more petite than the 10 mm round stones I've been using up to this point. In the future I'll look for other sizes too, but I am very pleased with these pretty gemstone beauties. More choices are better for you!

Blue Laguna Lace Titanium Post Earrings
6 x 8 mm oval
Even though post earrings don't look that fancy, and I can't claim them as my best artwork by any means, I love them, because I know that they solve a big problem for you. Living an active lifestyle has many demands. And whether you're an athlete, a factory worker, or a mom to small children, there can be clear reasons that dangles can be impractical. Nevertheless, it really is important that you continue to wear something in your piercing most of the time - that is, unless you've made the conscious choice to let them grow closed. But if you just forget to wear something, and they begin to close before you're ready, that can set you up for some problems.

African Turquoise Titanium Posts 6 x 8 mm oval
I have talked to customers, students, and even family members who have talked about just jamming an earring into a partially healed piercing because it had been "too long." Children are also at high risk for this situation. Honestly, if this happens to you, please stop! This is likely to cause bleeding, and will require your piercing to go through the healing process again. If, by chance, you have not chosen nickel free earrings for this little experiment, you are very likely to start a nickel allergy rash right then and there. You can also get blood clots inside your piercing by doing something like this, or you can give yourself a bacterial infection because, of course, your earring is not sterile.

My point is that if you just keep something in your piercing most of the time, this won't happen.

But why do many people wait so long before they try to wear earrings again? Okay, some of us are just forgetful, but I have a theory that many of them have experienced discomfort the last time they wore earrings. They may even have grown accustomed to that irritated feeling and want to avoid earrings except on special occasions and they are, by that same logic, very likely to have an allergy to nickel. Hmmm. Try nickel free. Really. It works.


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