Where in the World is Naturally Nickel Free?

I have never intended Naturally Nickel Free to be hard to find. I have intended to provide a fairly seamless blend of useful information and high quality jewelry, from which you are welcome to browse.  You can decide what is useful to you, and explore the rest at your leisure.  As I've gone along, I realize some things have changed along the way. The question of "Where do I find you online?" is not as simple as it once was and it really depends on what you are looking for. So I'd like to put it all in one place, really spell it out, and make it easy for you.

Informational Website

This is the site I call "my core website." If you only remember (or bookmark) one website for Naturally Nickel Free, this is the one.  This site functions as a "hub" of links to all my other locations, so you can always find what you are looking for. I do not keep a shopping cart on this website, but I have links to my shops where you can browse and buy if you choose. You can also find a small gallery of my work, and read some of the lovely testimonials others have shared. My original purpose for this site was to have a couple of pages of more or less "permanent" information where you can always look for the basics about nickel allergies. Its usefulness, over time, is really the fact that it is the only site that is truly my own. Other sites may come and go, but you can always find me here.

My Shop


My shop exactly what it sounds like - the place to go to buy stuff. This site is hosted by a place called SupaDupa.me. You'll never even know that unless I tell you, and that's one of the reasons that I love using them. I think you'll appreciated the straight-forward beautiful pages, easy navigation, and easy access to help pages. Payments are processed through Braintree or by Paypal, and it is easy to contact me from any page with your questions, ideas, or your "Golly, that's Amazing"'s. SupaDupa does offer me some limited design options, so if you ever discover links that aren't working or other difficulties, don't be afraid to let me know.

My Blog

You're reading it. But what's it really for? Keeping a blog for my jewelry always made sense to me. Because of the nature of the nickel free jewelry I make and sell, I think it's important for you to have real information.  I have spent quite a lot of time trying to sift through a confusing mixture of information, theory, conjecture, and outright lies about nickel, and have asked questions along the way. My intention is to put some of this information in a useful format, addressing various issues as I imagine them to appear in real life. If you ever want to correct me on information I have shared, question my sources, or add your own insights, I certainly hope you will! This is an ongoing process from which I continue to learn as I go.

Of course I love to talk about my jewelry - If it were really all about the allergy, I would just be a dermatologist, which I most certainly am not. I love the act of creation, discovery, and learning my craft, and sharing it with you.   I think the small crafting businesses like mine, that online selling makes possible, are offering amazing possibilities of to how to keep art in people's lives and how to sustain artists in their livelihoods.  I love talking about this too, and sharing it with you.



Facebook is a great place to interact! I keep a small gallery there, in addition to posting on various topics. Of course you are invited to stop by and Like my page so you can follow my posts!

Join My E-mail List <--- (this is a link - use it!)

Although it's not the most common place to find me, if you really want to learn what's going on, you can join my e-mail list. This is also a good place to stay on top new information, and get the occasional discount. Local customers may appreciate getting more direct information about where to find me at a craft show. I promise not to clog you inbox and you can opt out at any time.

Other Places you can Find Me 

It's Better Handmade
and, of course,
this blog

Obviously, I can't keep everything up equally, but I like to be available to you, wherever you might find me. Most of my work here links back to my work on my main shops, so it's really all in how you like to search.

In Real Life

Yes, I do have a real life. Craft shows "keep it real" for me, and even though I don't rely on them year-round like some artists do, I like to do a couple every year in the Des Moines, Iowa area. It teaches me a few valuable lessons about keeping real-live humans at the top of my mind as I create. It's also fun (and informative) to see people as they discover and react to my creations. Customers often have good questions for me, and their questions inform my approach, whether I am blogging, communicating about a sale, or designing something new.

Just the Basic Contact Stuff

I also have a Contact Page and E-mail, which you can always use for questions.

If you still want to learn more about me, you can also read the "about" page on any of my sites, including this blog.

`    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `    `  

Why should I tell you all of this? 

Well for one thing, so that you get the idea that (1) I'm really out here and you can talk to me, and (2) there is no fairy dust here, and I really do work hard to keep a lot of things going. As much as I'd like to just twist wire all day, there is so much more to do. Clearly, I can't give equal attention to all of these sites every day - I have some locations I invest a lot of time and others that I have to just have to establish, then let "ride" for a while. Nevertheless, most of the links for my stuff out there head you back to one the main two websites, and you should never feel too lost looking around. And just in case I've lost any of you with TMI, here's a quick reminder:

Core Site: www.naturallynickelfree.com
Shopping: http://shop.naturallynickelfree.com

So . . . if you're looking for nickel-free jewelry, or just a little basic information about what this nickel-free thing is all about, fret not, and thanks for including me on your adventures, wherever they may take you.

Updated: 1/28/2016


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