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Toxic Nickel and a Day at the Fair

I want to write about two things at once. Craft shows and toxins. No, please, let me explain.

Summer is coming.  My first craft show of the year is in less than a month and I am starting to get really excited about getting going. I have ordered a new canopy with sides to keep the wind out if needed, and I am starting to evaluate some of my practices that may help or hurt me in the long run. I am getting psyched up to do this year right.

In the process I have received my very first rejection (wahh!) for a craft show I really wanted to get into. Ok, I can live with it, but one of the things that caught my attention was that the person responding called nickel free jewelry a "niche market," and seemed to think I was reaching out to only a few people with some exotic disease. So my growing enthusiasm for craft fairs will have to wait for another blog post.

This is a message I would like to start getting out to the public as much as possible: Nickel is a toxin.

Nickel is a Toxin