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Niobium Green Glass Handmade Jewelry
Featured Item: Niobium Handmade Chainmaille Jewelry Set with Green Glass Nugget Beads

It's just not every day that I make a complete jewelry set. For one thing, they're pretty demanding and take a while, and for another thing, people just don't buy them very often. 

None of that seemed to matter when I got started on this amazing Necklace / Bracelet / Earrings jewelry ensemble recently though. It started with the beads. These little green glass beads were from a batch of beads that a friend gave me, hoping I could do something with them. I've kept them for a while but knew I had to do "something" with these amazing little nuggets. 

This is a bead shape I call a "nugget" because it's basically irregular. To me this makes it wonderful, giving is an organic quality that reminds me of a natural stone. This nugget is basically triangular in shape, but the exact size and shape of each bead varies. I have begun to appreciate how glass is, in fact, an art form of its own though, and I try to give credit to the glass artist whenever possible. These pretty little nuggets though, had to have a turn. 
Niobium Earrings with Green Glass Beadand Pewter Accent

I started with the earrings, but then had some extra "parts" left over that soon became a bracelet. By the time I was done with the bracelet project, the chain design was blossoming, and I just had to keep going with it. 

I do love interlocking jump ring designs. I am happy to call them Chainmaille when I can, but the variety and complexity of weaves that are used in jewelry can be a little daunting. I have followed a few pattern designs, but usually feel happiest when I can just make a pile of jumprings (yes, I wind and cut my own) and just play with them until they make something nice. The concept of chainmaille is so simple, as are many of the ancient arts - jumprings on their own can have a weak point, but jumprings that are woven and interlocking have amazing strength to them, even to the point of constructing fabric, sculptures, and, well, suits of armor. 
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I love it too, when the style of chain I've created actually carries out the style of the beads I have chosen and creates something really original. Take a look at the way I have woven the rings in the front and the figure-8 links in the back to make a chain of substantial weight and quality. The figure-8 links are actually "criss-crossed" to maximize their strength. 

Niobium Chainmaille Necklace with Glass Beads, Handmade
Have you looked around for niobium chain jewelry? I can't say it's not out there, but It's certainly not common, and I almost never see it actually created link by link by hand, the way I do. I don't mean to brag, but well, yeah, sort of, I do. ;) When people pick up then chain, they comment on the weight first. Niobium had a really solid weight to it - not quite as heavy as steel, but this is no flimsy aluminum in your hands. In fact the necklace weighs 0.7 oz, or almost 20 grams just on its own. Still the chain is really flexible and relaxed, but amazingly strong. In fact when I wanted to take a single link out of the middle as I was working on it, I nearly had to dismantle the entire chain to do it - each link supports each other to make it stronger (just like friends should do) :) Can you tell I love this piece? 

Part of the reason I want to talk about it is that it appears so understated. It doesn't have really bright colors, or beads you can see from across the street. The gray and green tones just blend well together, and when you take time to appreciate the details, I think you'll learn to love it the way I do. 

By the way, each item is available separately, but if you choose to purchase the entire set at my SupaDupa shop, you can get 10% these items together. The coupon code to use at checkout is JEWELRYSETS10, and you'll get your discount. 

So do you want to learn more? Well, of Course I'll give you the links to these pieces, and you can get an up-close look for yourself. Questions? No problem. Just e-mail me
Green Glass Niobium Chainmaille Bracelet

"How Many" of these do I have? You're lookin' at it - the one and only. Here's a little montage, for you viewing pleasure. Just click a picture take a closer look. Enjoy!


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