Getting Unstuck

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I am learning a lot of things about business by running a business. But you could say it's a little like building the boat while you're already on the water. There are just so many things I didn't think I would ever learn about, let alone care about, and here I am learning and caring about things that in college and beyond, I still thought were totally irrelevant to me. Twist a few wires and arrange a few pixels, and it's amazing what can happen.

Today I'm thinking about blogging, and mainly, why I haven't done much of it recently. I mean, I'm a writer by nature and habit, and the "idea" of blogging doesn't really hold much fear for me. Moreover the nature of my business, i.e. Nickel Free Jewelry - has a lot of research and information behind it that I am eager and willing to share with, well, anyone who will listen. And as much as I think I've spread my message (and really, I  read public sources for my information - a lot of people know what I know) there are people I meet every day with a similar barrage of questions for me. So the information part is pretty natural to me.

But really, I've already put a lot of information out there. It seems like I've "covered" most of my main topics. I route a lot of people to my blog or other sources for the kind of information that is really useful, and I'm proud to have amassed a decent body of information. So I guess I've reached a point in my blog where my brain is saying "I said that already - just read what I wrote." Hm,  I guess I'll have to shake that.

So in my lightbulb moment today, I'll share my two nuggets of wisdom, or lack thereof. One is holding me back, and the other is the way to get moving again. Maybe it will help some of you blogger / creative folks out there too.

1. I think I have to be done with all my other work before I blog. 

Ok, where, in life, does this really work? Just verbalizing this to myself helps me see that it is
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really kind of silly, but even though I've written quite a bit already, maybe this line of thought is still living in my brain somewhere, and I have to kick it out.

2. When in doubt, go back to the creative process. 

This is my mantra when I'm getting bogged down by other aspects of my business, surely it can work for blogging too. All I really have to do is show what I am doing. There. Simple.

It's just that I really don't like to take pictures "as" I am working, and I have to learn to get a little more involved with sharing some of this. Truthfully, I think I'd love to do some tutorials, but my little evil inner self-doubter wonders whether I'm really doing anything that useful, unusual, or interesting. Hm. Usually my little evil inner self-doubter tells me the opposite of the direction I will eventually head. Just sayin.'

So that's enough to say for today. Maybe it will give you a little food for thought too. I realize that in rambling in this way, I have not really talked about any of the things I normally think would be interesting to my readers, but I have a hunch that many of you who may read this are also bloggers or writers elsewhere in your lives.

Okay, enough. Somewhere in my backlog of speech-making information and experience, I've heard - say what you need to say and get off the stage. It's something I need to practice at, so goodbye for now.


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