Nickel Allergy Season

Glass Bead Necklace with Handmade Niobium Chain
When you think of allergy season, you probably think of pollen, dust, and hay fever. But did you know that nickel allergies have a "season" too? Summer is prime time for a nickel allergy to rear its ugly head, whether you have a known allergy, or your reaction is completely new. Why?

In the summer, you sweat more. Not only do temperatures rise, but you are more likely to spend time running, walking, bicycling and going to art fairs :) When you sweat, your skin, the nickel in your jewelry, and the air around it create an electrochemical reaction that can make it easier to get a rash.

Unfortunately, once you have the allergy, it is yours to keep. You may notice that your skin is irritated more easily some times than others - you may notice some areas of your body being more sensitive than others too. But once it's yours, you can't give it back. In fact, once you have the allergy, if you continue to wear items containing nickel, your allergy will just become more severe.

Avoiding nickel in daily life can be challenging, but if your allergy is not too severe yet, and you only need to avoid nickel in jewelry, this is doable. Nickel in jewelry is completely avoidable, and maybe you'll discover that shopping for nickel-free jewelry can even be fun.  :)


If you believe you have a nickel allergy, please visit your doctor to be sure it is not a more serious condition. None of the information here or on any of my websites is intended to represent a medical opinion, or substitute for a doctor's advice. 


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