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Featured Item: Abalone Cluster Earrings with Niobium Loop

Let me show you some of my recent favorite earrings. These are abalone bead earrings with a niobium loop and handmade earwires. The beads hang in a cluster, creating a fun "tufted" effect, and since shell weighs virtually nothing, they are still very lightweight. These earrings, by the way, are 2 1/4 inches (6 cm). This is a little longer than my "typical" earring style, but boy, are they worth it.  Now, please, let me tell you about them:  Abalone, for a start, is an amazing bead. As a shell, it shimmers and shines with a variety of colors. Things that look like imperfections just add to the beauty. And the more you gather together, the more the variations make a pattern that is both organic, and perfection itself. Since it comes from the ocean, it causes the mind to muse for a moment on its watery origins, peaceful blue waters, and the ocean itself, the source of all life  - turbulent, yet eternal. (Really, just go with it for a moment.) 
Then, I could go on about…