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Happy Turkey Day

I think this guy says it all, don't you? Don't forget there's a 15% off sale in all my shops until December 3. Use coupon code BLACKFRI-15 at checkout. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all. 

Bringing it All Together

Nothing comes from nothing, and everything comes from somewhere.

A few weeks back I agreed to take Carol Evans (a fellow artisan) up on an "bead giveaway" on some of her unsold lamp work beads. I "know" Carol through my online professional group of jewelry artisan, Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design. Carol was hoping to get her beads into the hands of a few jewelers who would, you know, make something beautiful and give her credit for her bead work. I think this was a great idea.

I am not a bead artist (so far).  I am a wire artist who uses beads. As I work, I become more curious and more aware of the parts of jewelry making that I do not do - I do not mine the metal from the earth, I do not draw it into wire, I do not store large amounts of wire in my warehouse waiting for people to buy it. I do not cut, carve, mold, bake, and fuse my own beads out of clay, glass, wood, bone, and stone. I have learned I have a true fondness for beads of all types (I was a…

New Shop & Classic Deals!

3 great online locations 1 great coupon BLACKFRI-15
No, I haven't been sleeping, though life has gotten a little busy. I did, however, open a new store at Why? Well, because I enjoy working like crazy and repeating myself a lot, obviously. But ALSO, with these three options you have real choice in how you want to shop. Everyone has a different shopping style - favorite "hang outs" and different ways to communicate. I can see a different "personality" with each of these locations and am really pleased with the variety they offer you. I'd hate to tell you what your personality should be . . . but I think you'll have fun exploring.

Actually, this sale covers the whole crazy Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday weekend. Choosing a single day seems so wrong - you just go shopping whenever you feel like it. And isn't it nice to know you're supporting a small business too? Enjoy!