Look, It's a Baby Necklace

a necklace seed
Everything is a process. It's natural to ask an artist what their creative process is, and it's natural for the artist to have no idea how to answer that question. It's one of the things that makes people think art is somehow either magical and mysterious, or a big sham put on by mostly clueless people. Who knows, maybe it's both.
I adore making chain links. Maybe they just remind me that all things are connected, or maybe they give me something to focus on for a long enough time to convince myself I can still have an attention span when I need one. For whatever reason, the wire itself becomes the main event and I increasingly ask myself where this stuff, the metal itself, really came from, the depths of the earth, or even outer space. 

Maybe you can tell by this mess of stuff that I had
no idea how this design would end up.
The thing I learned about this link is that

(1) it eats wire - each link takes a full 8 cm of wire and has a final length of about 1 cm. It doesn't sound logical, but then, art isn't logical.

(2) You can only weave them in one direction - oh, I wasted a link or two before I discovered this. As I put them together, I literally have to weave one link into the next before it's secured. I've done this lots of times before. What I didn't realize was that I always have to go from big to little. Because of the way I've coiled the large loop, I had to wrap the small loop around the big one before it was tied off. If I went the other way around, I could just feed the wire into one coil and it would never loop right. Oh, dear, too much information, I know, but it was important at the time.

(3) because of 1 and 2, I was fascinated by the design and knew I had to do something amazing with it.

Meanwhile, the chain was becoming the main event. It's hard to explain how excited I get about a new chain design.  If I show my husband how exciting it is, he will give me a polite nod with glazed eyes, that tells me he is both bored with my content, and at the very same moment, amazed by my overall oddness. If I show my daughter - well, she doesn't care about my jewelry nearly as much since she realized how far gone I am with it. No doubt, she has better things to do.

When I found this green crazy lace agate bead, I knew it was my centerpiece. I'm sure this bead is dyed, but so many beads are these days. I have decided it's okay, and I love the color and the stone design. So how does the story end? Well, I'll show you. I would love to show you.

I added a pewter bead tassel
 21 inches long
Green Lace Agate Pendant, 1 1/4 inch in diameter wrapped with Niobium

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