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Comfort Is the New Sexy

Sisters, we've been fed a line. It's a message we've been told all our lives. We've been told by word and by action, by people close to us, and by models on the screen. We've even told it to ourselves. So what's the message?

Pain is Beauty. Beauty is Pain. 

I am amazed to hear modern-day renditions of this rather old message. I was reading a blog a few days ago by a woman who was bemoaning the fact that even though she was a self-proclaimed feminist, she still felt driven to get a bikini wax every week. She made it clear that the process was not only painful, but somewhat humiliating. I was annoyed at the blogger, because even though she understood that this didn't go along with her values as a feminist, she still saw it as a necessary part of being beautiful. Honestly, if this practice doesn't amount to self-abuse and/or sexual abuse I don't know what does. And the purpose, I guess, would be to return herself to a pre-pubescent state which is someh…