Happy Endings

Have you ever thought about the tiny little ends of the wires that you stick in your ears? 

I have.

The ends of earwires (and wires of all sorts) are so easy to take for granted. But the only difference between an earring and a needle is the shape of the end of the wire. It's worth taking a look at. 

Sometimes when I've seen a video or read directions about making earwires, they completely leave out the part about filing, or they just don't seem to do a very good job of it. Maybe I'm a fanatic about filing, but I'm okay with that.

Any pair of wire cutters will leave a little edge on the end of the metal, and it's worth taking this seriously. Even a saw leaves a raw edge around the outside, and you'd like your earring to have a nice rounded, blunt tip. I know you would. 

Over time, I've tried a few different things - I even took a picture of the whole family so you can get the idea of some of the things I reach for when I file your earwires, clasps, or chain links. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I discovered I could insert my cup bur into my drill and just whale away at the thing. Still, there's nothing like the hand power of a simple file, and sometimes I feel like can even apply more pressure this way. I even got a tip early on in my jewelry-making adventures about using a sanding sponge, so sometimes I still pull that out too.

I don't rely on just one way to file though. Still I like the simplicity of finishing the wire with simple friction. The action has a detail of care to it, as I consider its eventual position in your eventual ear :) I look at each end, touch it, and approve it before I move on. Your skin is just not worth taking chances with. 


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