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What Color Are Your Dreams?

I have a new best friend. It is called a niobium anodizer and it's going to make life very interesting for me and you in the future at Naturally Nickel Free. Once in a while, as an artist, you have a chance to get a tool that is really a game-changer - that actually changes the way you design and they way you think of your craft - and this is such a tool for me.

Simply put, an anodizer changes the color of niobium. Working with it is, in a word, amazing. To begin with though, I've just been learning the ropes of its use, and have started by creating a reference chart we can both use.

Exhibit A: The Color Chart This chart is made up of photos of wire pieces I have anodized at different points along the color spectrum.  They show the range of colors I can now design with, and I can even create rainbow patterns. (whoa!) 
The colors as you see them in real-life are complex. A blue may pick up purple highlights, or a gold may appear pinkish at times. Expect to see highlights of the …