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The Art of Gifting ... in an Internet World

One of my favorite sales to date was one in which a mom on the east coast found a pair of earrings she liked at my shop, then her son on the west coast bought them for her and had them sent to her directly. I absolutely loved the idea that they were able to discover and use my tiny little home-grown jewelry shop in Des Moines, Iowa to serve needs which literally spanned the coasts.

But there's a lesson for me in this. Families are dispersed in today's world, and the challenges of shopping for gifts are greater than ever, even for those people we love the most. I have been working on a little surprise for you but I really need to show it to you before all the Christmas busy-ness is upon us. The surprise: Gift Certificates at Naturally Nickel Free.

First of all, a little sympathy is in order for those of you who love someone with a nickel allergy. If you want to choose jewelry for your sweetie, and they have a nickel allergy, the perils may seem great, and the task formidable. …