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The Beginner's Mind

When I decided to begin a handmade jewelry business nearly five years ago, I understood I was beginning a new adventure. There was much to learn, and I'm sure there is much I could say now to the person I was then.

But rather than regretting my somewhat awkward first steps, I find myself musing on that strange, courageous, willful person who jumped into my head one day and said - Sure, go ahead - just Try it!

Beginners of almost any discipline are frequently dismissed as naive, "unseasoned," clueless, and generally not too bright. In fact, as we gain experience in the thing we love to do the most, we even take perverse pleasure in becoming jaded, disillusioned, and actually sour on life. We think that if we can point out exactly how dumb we were in the beginning, it will prove how smart we are now.

Recently (not by choice), I was poring through the papers that represent every piece of jewelry I have ever made. It's not important to my story, but if you must know, I …