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Introducing: The Interchangeables Collection

There is something about you that you don't know that I know: You already own the earrings you long to wear.

As much as I flatter myself that you dream of the pretties on my shop page, I know that can only true part of the time. There are little ghosts in our jewelry boxes that are far more complex than that. Most of us nickel-allergic folks have a drawer full of earrings that have been tried and discarded. They have been worn for a while, then set aside, never to see the light of day again. But some of those earrings are actually precious memories from people in your life, and admit it, some of them still get worn, even though they cause you pain every time.

Allergy or not, jewelry is often a tangible connection to another place and time, and to the most important people in our lives. There are certain pieces we will never part with, not always because the piece is so marvelous, but because we want to remember. But because of our allergy, we can also no longer wear them.


This is Not Logical

No, this is not logical. In "today's world," when efficiency is king and people's dollars are tight, when jewelry is not exactly a survival item, and you can, in fact, get cheap jewelry from the big box stores at the same time you're shopping for diapers and pain reliever, there is a question that hovers in the air. Why do you do it? There is a lot about the handmade jewelry and fine crafts market that defies logic, but I find myself pondering this most, when I get really involved in making chain.

Why does Handmade Chain even exist in today's world. Why go to this much trouble to create something, using so much time and materials when you don't have to?

Well, I feel like I have to. For one thing, it is my "reason for being" to create with nickel free materials, and to me, that means top to bottom, inside and out. Back when I first discovered that making chain was within my grasp, I knew I could offer something really unique. At this point in my…