This is Not Logical

Rose Quartz Argentium Sterling Silver Choker Necklace
No, this is not logical. In "today's world," when efficiency is king and people's dollars are tight, when jewelry is not exactly a survival item, and you can, in fact, get cheap jewelry from the big box stores at the same time you're shopping for diapers and pain reliever, there is a question that hovers in the air. Why do you do it? There is a lot about the handmade jewelry and fine crafts market that defies logic, but I find myself pondering this most, when I get really involved in making chain.

Why does Handmade Chain even exist in today's world. Why go to this much trouble to create something, using so much time and materials when you don't have to?

Well, I feel like I have to. For one thing, it is my "reason for being" to create with nickel free materials, and to me, that means top to bottom, inside and out. Back when I first discovered that making chain was within my grasp, I knew I could offer something really unique. At this point in my little treatise, I could go into how you just don't find niobium chain anywhere - it's not sold commercially. I could go on about how nickel-free lovers everywhere have searched in vain for something they could wear that they can trust with their skin. Both of these things are true, and keep me interested in my work.

Botswana Agate Niobium Necklace
I was speaking to another local jewelry maker and mentioned making my own chain, and she declared that she just doesn't do that because she finds it too "boring," and she'd rather get on with the more "creative" parts of making jewelry. I was simply puzzled. Even though I Adore beads, and I make more earrings than any logical person should make, I consider chain-making to be a core skill that I am always building on. Also, I think there is something about me that just likes making chain. I achieve a similar sort of relaxing "zone" that I do when I do yoga, or in fact when I used to do embroidery, which was, well, quite a while back.

I find that when you've spent ridiculous amounts of time creating, even more ridiculous amounts of time learning about what and how to create, more time trying ideas and throwing them out, and an extravagant use of materials that might be better spent on items more likely to sell - Well, I think that's exactly when you might be on the verge of actual art.

So why not go for it? And for all the reasons I want to make it, I think you might want to wear it. It's just not completely logical.

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  1. I admire your ability and love for making chain. I am one of those people who needs nickel free jewelry. So I NEED you to love making chain. :) I love the necklace with all the charms!


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