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What's Your Handmade I.Q.?

Sure, handmade is hot, but can you spot it in a lineup?

In fact, handmade businesses are so awesome, companies want to look and feel handmade, even if they're not. But, actually creating things one at a time and managing business as a one-person operation - well, it's not for everyone. Even the "big guys" covet the warm and cozy feeling shoppers get as they imagine the makers at home in their creative lairs, following their dreams.

And the definition of handmade is so wishy-washy that more people can get by with using it than you ever imagined. Even among handmade makers, we can't always agree on what it means, and we don't always have to. As a shopper, though, you would like to know what you're really getting and who you're really shopping with. In a world where you get most of your shopping information from photos, and money is exchanged in cyberspace, there are some built-in pitfalls you would like to avoid. So here are some thoughts to get you on…